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Syntax Reading Group

The Syntax Reading Group meets every other Thursday (but please do check the schedule), to discuss syntax articles. The focus of this semester will be contact and experimental techniques for eliciting syntactic data.

The meetings will take place between 11.00 and 12.30 at Trans 10, room 0.51. 


Past meetings:

September 27: Lohndal (2013), Generative Grammar and Language Mixing. Theoretical Linguistics 39: 215-224.

October 11: Alexiadou, Lohndal (2018), Units of Language Mixing: A Cross-Linguistic Perspective. Frontiers in Psychology 9.

October 25: Gallego (2017). Remark on the EPP in Labeling Theory: Evidence from Romance. Syntax, 20(4). 

November 15: Tortora (2014). Addressing the problem of intra-speaker variation for parametric theory. In Zanuttini & Horn (eds.), Micro-syntactic variation in North-American English, pp. 294-323. OUP.

November 29: Adger & Smith (2010). Variation in agreement: A lexical feature-based approach. Lingua 120 (5), 1109-1134.


Upcoming meetings: