Utrecht Theoretical Linguistics

Syntax Reading Group

The Syntax Reading Group has restarted its activity!

We will have a monthly meeting, with the date alternating between the first Friday and the first Thursday of each month.

The meetings normally take place between 12:00 and 13:30 (you’re welcome to eat your lunch during the discussion). At the moment, we are meeting on Teams, so if you wish to join please let Roberta know and she’ll add you to the Teams group. For those who are already members, we are meeting at the usual SRG Teams channel.

We will be reading papers related to the SIL talks, so that we can understand the talks better and interact more actively with the speakers. The articles are in the shared folder on Teams.

Upcoming meetings (with readings):

Friday, 7 June, Van Hoof (1997), Left dislocation and split topics in Brabant Dutch