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Syntax Reading Group

The syntax reading group meets every two weeks (but please do check the schedule), to discuss syntax articles.

September 18: Chomsky (2013), Problems of Projection

October 16: Chomsky, Gallego & Ott (2017), Generative Grammar and the Faculty of Language

October 30: Everaert, Huybregts, Chomsky, Berwick, Bolhuis (2015), Structures, Not Strings: Linguistics as Part of the Cognitive Sciences. Trends in Cognitive Sciences 19: 729-743. 

November 13: Yang, Crain, Berwick, Chomsky, Bolhuis (2017), The growth of Language: UG, experience and principles of computation. 

The upcoming meetings will take place between 11.00 and 12.30 at Trans 10, room 0.26. Dates and papers we will discuss:

November 27: Biberauer, T. & I. Roberts. 2015. Rethinking Formal Hierarchies: A Proposed Unification. Cambridge Occasional Papers in Linguistics 7:1-31

December 7: Pesetsky & Torrego (2004). The Syntax of Valuation and the Interpretability of Features.