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Utrecht Theoretical Linguistics

Graduate courses

These are the graduate courses on the theory of grammar held in Utrecht (Title. Lecturer. Block. Course Module. For a full description enter the Course module here. All courses are in English):

  • Empirical approaches to formal semantics. Yoad Winter. 4. TLRMV16109.
  • Experimentation in Psychology and Linguistics. Rick Nouwen. 3. INFOMEPL.
  • Foundations of Acquisition. Peter Coopmans. 2. TLRMV17107.
  • Foundations of meaning: Introduction to semantics and pragmatics. Joost Zwarts. 2. TLRMV16110.
  • Foundations of Sound Patterns. René Kager. 1. TLRMV16105.
  • Foundations of Syntactic Structure. Eddy Ruys. 1. TLRMV16104.
  • Interfaces: Structure and Meaning. Marijana Marelj. 4. TLRMV16111.
  • Logic and Language. Michael Moortgat. 2. TLMV13020.
  • Micro- and Macro- Variation in Syntax. Norbert Corver. 3. TLRMV16114.
  • Phonology: Typology and Acquisition. René Kager. 4. TLRMV16102.
  • Semantics and Pragmatics: Variation and Representation. Rick Nouwen. 1. TLRMV17103.