Utrecht Theoretical Linguistics


30 January 2023
16:00 - 17:00

PSU Morpho-Syn Syndicate talk: Marijke de Belder

Marijke de Belder (Utrecht University) will give a talk at the PSU Morpho-Syn Syndicate meeting next Monday, the 30th of January, at 4pm (Utrecht time).

The title of the talk is Language-internal variation: Dutch primary compounding


In this talk I discuss variation in Dutch primary compounding. I argue that Dutch has at least three types of primary compounding: those with a bare root as their non-head, those with a root plus nominal class inflection and those with a referential non-head, containing a little determiner layer. Empirically, the inventory of compounding may seem confusing, but the theoretical generalisations are actually quite straightforward: Dutch compounds thus either have a bare root or a root plus nominal structure as their non-head and the non-head is either modificational or referential.

All invited!

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